The mission of CMA BEIRUT TERMINAL aims to provide a first-class service for all customers, elevating the terminal as a beacon for safety and efficiency whilst developing digitalized processes, promoting a sustainable environment and ensuring a profitable business model.

CMA BEIRUT TERMINAL has been chosen to manage, operate and maintain the Port of Beirut's container terminal for a 10-year period with an ambitious development plan. The latter includes renovating and modernizing the terminal by completing an infrastructure upgrade, a digital transformation alongside environmental performance improvements with a target to reach 1.4 million TEUs throughout capacity.

CMA BEIRUT TERMINAL shares the same values of the CMA CGM Group:

  • The pursuit of EXCELLENCE in every area
  • EXEMPLARITY in every situation
  • IMAGINATION to invent the transport and logistics solutions of the future
  • BOLDNESS to always go above and beyond

CMA BEIRUT TERMINAL employs currently more than 400 collaborators adding substantial value and contributing to the enhancement of the terminal's efficiency through ongoing training plans.

CMA BEIRUT TERMINAL is part of CMA CGM GROUP: a global player in sea, land, air and logistics solutions.


Situated within a longitude of 35 31'E and a latitude of 33 54'N, it is strategically located on the eastern seaboard of the Mediterranean Sea. Being at the crossroads between Africa, Asia and Europe, it serves leading Mediterranean and Middle Eastern economies and acts as a gateway into the Middle Eastern hinterland, including Iraq and Saudi Arabia.


Building a new and modern quay infrastructure at the beginning of the 21st century has enabled the PoB to reinforce its position amongst the Regional and Mediterranean ports' network, securing the calls of the major shipping lines through their routings in the Mediterranean Sea. The development of activities within the PoB has been made possible thanks to the port's strategic location, as well as its infrastructure and its logistics services.

Terminal Area40 ha
Annual Capacity1.3 Million TEUs
TEU Ground Slots10,000
Berthing PositionsStarboard side
Total Berth Length1,100 m
Reefer Plugs904 units
Ship to Shore Cranes16 units
Rubber-Tired Gantry Cranes51 units
Terminal Trucks68 units
Reach Stackers12 units
Empty Handlers12 units


CMA BEIRUT TERMINAL is implementing the latest version of NAVIS N4 TOS to optimize processes and reach an ultimate performance with the objective of implementing a digital transformation to the terminal.

Expanding the digitalisation of the terminal will ensure its competitiveness within the region and will optimise the efficiency of its activities and productivity, which will attract more freight to the hub.

In line with the innovation in the maritime industry, this new technology will be applied to the terminal and will facilitate the tracking of all its equipment, by improving efficiency in the equipment operation and reducing operating costs.


Our values drive our behaviour towards our clients; we continually enhance our products and services to meet customer's demand and satisfaction. We are here to support you 24/7.